Student conduct flowchart – suspension/expulsion

The flowchart below is intended to provide a brief summary of the appeals process in the student conduct procedure when the possible outcome is determined to be suspension or expulsion. More complete information can be found in the Student Conduct Code sections 516-21-270, 516-21-280, and 516-21-290. This flowchart outlines what happens after the conduct officer makes a determination (as outlined in this flowchart).

After the Conduct Officer notifies the student via university email of responsible finding and any appropriate sanctions, the student(s) have 10 days to appeal the conduct officer’s determination(s). If a student appeals:

Appeal is referred to a board of Western community members. Board provides five days’ notice of the appeal hearing, date, time, and location to the student(s) university email.

Student attends appeal board.

Appeal board meets in private to review the complaint, results of the investigation and its finding, and the conduct officer’s decision. Student(s) will be notified of the outcome of the appeal in writing within ten days.

Student has 10 days to request a review by the Dean of Students.

If no request for a review is requested, the case is closed (after completion of sanctions, if applicable).

If a review is requested, the Dean of Students reviews written documentation, any involved person may be called to meet if necessary and at the discretion of the dean of students.

Student is notified of the Dean’s decision within ten business days. This decision is considered final.